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Stock Advisory

We all believe in the word jugaad and even while investing, we try to use some jugaad.

However, in 99% of cases, using such jugaads would end up with you losing your capital.

Many DIY (Do it yourself) investors have already witnessed this in the recent past. Stock Advisory.

Seeing last years bull run, numerous investors started investing in the stock market expecting high returns.

However, managing their stock market investment based on information gathered from secondary sources.

Like neighbors, investment gurus on TV, etc, turned out to be a bad choice for these DIY investors.

Stock Advisory.

Its a fact, the stock market only offer skyrocketing returns if you buy and sell the right stocks at the right price and time.

The bull run days of the market when it was considerably easy to make a quick profit are over.

You should get professional advice to help you in navigating today’s volatile market.

Hiring a professional stock market advisor will majorly benefit you in the following 4 ways.

Stock Advisory

  1. Stock Advisors Proactively Minimises Your Portfolio Risk

The stock investment plays a huge role in building a handsome corpus.

If you choose the right investment avenues you will definitely get good value.

There are two basic ways of investing in equity – mutual funds and stock investment.

It can’t be said conclusively that one method is better than the other.

Many investors have selected mutual funds to enter the equity market and have started investing in equity mutual funds.

However, factually direct equity investments have the ability to offer higher returns than mutual funds.

Both investment modes have their respective importance in one’s portfolio and also have their own risk factors.
Investment Advisor is one who can help you in making wise decisions with regards to risk.

It is the first and most important benefit that an investor gets of hiring a stock advisor.

  1. Stock Advisor Understands Your Risk Appetite

The risk tolerance of every investor is different from one another. It is the capacity to bear the volatility.

Many times investors won’t understand the risk associated with the security or stock.

She/he is buying which creates chaos going ahead while building a portfolio or may lead to an improper decision.

Stock Advisory

So the stock advisor first understands your risk appetite before taking decisions for your portfolio.

This is the key aspect which can be very useful for investors as the stocks which they will be buying.

With the help of stock, an advisor will match their own risk appetite and won’t harm their risk-free capital.

  1. Stock Advisor helps to tide market risks

We know that stock investments are highly volatile the market movement may lead to huge losses.

The knee-jerk reactions from many investors have dragged the investment returns.

Stock advisor keeps you posted about the market movement and helps you to remain invested in the market downturns with his top-notch research and analytical skills.

  1. Stock Advisors Assist in developing a tactical asset allocation

In the stock market investment, it is very important that you should allocate.

Your investment tactically towards large cap, mid cap, and small cap stocks.

As per the market movement, one need to drift the investment to safeguard the returns to avoid market risk.

The stock advisor helps you to tactically allocate the assets towards various market caps.

And further also assist you in minimizing the risk and exposure as per the market movements.

  1. Stock Advisor Diversifies your stock investment

We all know that proper diversification is very important to cap the risks. Stock Advisory.

Investor tends to favor the sectors which reap the returns or many times we go with market rumors which leads to the excessive risks in your portfolio, in the situations of volatility. Stock advisory.

The stock advisor helps to diversify your investment in a way to minimize your risks associated with the specific sectors and stocks. Stock Advisory.

And helps you take the informed and well-established decisions which can not hamper your financial goal going ahead.

Stock Advisory

  1. Stock Advisor Maximises Your Investment Performance

You may be a young professional, Businessman, Retiree, or a person near to retirement but your basic purpose behind the stock market investment is to earn returns more than the traditional investment options like FD, RD etc.

But for this one need to gauge the potential of the stocks well, one needs to understand the allocation of the investment. Stock advisory.

Research the fundamentals of the stock or the company and one-stop solution for this Stock Advisor.

  1. Stock Investment Advisor Aligns your investment to your goal

The work of a stock investment advisor is not only limited to just finding stocks for their Investor. Stock Advisory.

They assume a bigger role of designing an investment plan which perfectly complements the financial goals of the Investor. Stock Advisory.

Every individual has long-term and short-term financial goals and they have to manage their money wisely to meet these goals. Stock Advisory.

An advisory firm plays a key role in giving goal-based clarity to their Investor with short-term and long-term stock calls. Stock Advisory.

They also provide answers to complex questions like ‘where to invest’, ‘how much to invest’, etc. Stock Advisory.

Providing a customized investment plan is the key feature of a Sebi registered stock advisory firm.

Stock Advisory

  1. Stock Advisors help you to select the best-suited constituents for your portfolio

The stock market is huge in the current scenario there are almost 4500+ companies listed on the stock exchange which is a huge basket.

Which consist of all sort of stocks ranging from blue-chip stocks, midcaps to small-cap. Stock Advisory.

To find the stocks which are best suitable for the portfolio and are expected to perform well in the future requires a specific set of skills. Stock Advisory.

One has to separate quality stocks from the overwhelming junk that occupies most of the space. Stock Advisory.

To identify the best stocks with the best prospects one needs years of experience and top-notch analytical skills.

Naturally, not everybody has the financial acumen to do their own analysis. Stock Advisory.

Thus, it makes sense to sign up with the authentic SEBI registered share market advisory firm.

The stock advisory firm provides investors with a genuine, well-researched stock advice which can further turn their portfolios into the green zone and can reap good returns over the period of time.

We at Niveza India offer  (Portfolio Management Service) alternative.

It is our flagship product wherein we offer tailor-made research for our investors and provide them with a dedicated relationship manager.

Unlike traditional PMS wherein you need minimum Rs.25 lacs, to begin with.

We offer to help you make the most of your time and money by investing just Rs.2Lacs.

Stock Advisory
  1. Stock Advisors takes care of your portfolio activities

Just investing doesn’t lead you to the higher returns even the strategic decisions of entry and exit are equally important. Stock Advisory.

The investing life doesn’t complete only with investment plan and investing according to it, it further requires a close monitoring of all the activities in the stocks which you have been invested.

One need to revisit and review his portfolio frequently as weekly, monthly etc.

In today’s world, its actually very difficult to maintain a track of the investments so hiring a stock advisor is a great solution for this.

Stock advisor keeps an eye on your portfolio and notifies you as and when the action is needed for the betterment of your portfolio.

  1. Your Share Advisor Lets You Do What You Do Best

While investing in the stock markets one need to invest his own time too.

When you are doing it on your own, then you need to put efforts and invest time.

To research the stocks, analyze all other aspects, fundamental attributes etc.

Do you have so much time? Can you make it at the right time?.

Logically yes, but practically its impossible.

Look at your current schedules, it’s really very difficult to carry all this and make an investment decision.

Stock Advisory

Even though you have the financial acumen it’s very difficult to monitor the markets constantly for you.

Stock advisor brings you ease in this aspect.

The key advantage of hiring a stock advisor is that he provides you with all the tailor-made research.

And keep you posted about your investment and new investment avenues.

So rather than wasting your own time you can smartly use it in your own profession and can invest more with your stock advisor.

  1. Stock Advisor Takes Away Your Investment Worries

Stock advisor with its various services offers you many privileges.

The share market advisory firm provides you with a professional management of portfolios.

With a focussed view to maximizing the return on investment and even provides you with regular performance tracking.

So it saves you handling pressures with all your investment and its returns. Stock Advisory.

Going ahead the stock advisor provides with the personalized service even some of the investment advisors.

Appoint a separate relationship manager for you who will be in touch with you. Stock Advisory.

Whenever you have the queries and doubts about your investment and other actions with respect to the portfolio.

With all these aspects stock advisor makes your investing life on your fingertips. Stock Advisory. Stock Advisory.

Or just call away from you as well as ensure the profitability of your investment. Stock Advisory.

What else one wants, extremely stress-free way to invest and just make money and even get the insightful market tips. Stock advisory.

Share tips and analysis of the stocks by investing no personal time.

Stock Advisory


Purchasing a stock is, in fact, purchasing a bit of a business. Stock Advisory.

Will you purchase any business without completely understanding it? Stock Advisory.

The majority of the financial specialists will answer the above inquiry is negative yet with regards to really settling on the purchasing choice in stocks, they search for hot tips, tend to exchange over and over again and too early and trust anyone who gives any tenable story on the business without doing any due tirelessness. Stock advisory.

How regularly you have heard that individuals will discuss how purchasing ‘shares’ is likened to ‘betting’.

With the compulsion to make a fast buck, the vast majority of the speculators, without completing a basic research about the stocks, contribute their well-deserved cash essentially on the counsel of a representative or a companion or now and then even an arbitrary expert on the business channel(s).

Stock Advisory

It is a pity that we accomplish more research before purchasing a PDA than before putting into a stock!.

No big surprise, such speculators constantly lose cash in stocks and after that name securities exchanges as ‘ Casino ‘.

There are numerous such reasons why individuals purchase and offer their stocks. Individuals tend to exchange all the more regularly and profit. Stock Advisory.

A decision is yours – get rich gradually and reliably or get poor rapidly. Stock Advisory.

India is a creating country with huge amounts of the chance making it a land for any long haul financial specialist.

A solid Government at a focus, prospects of better administration, positive socioeconomics, utilization blast, and a trillion dollar framework speculation presents a strong defense to put resources into India. Stock advisory.

On the off chance that you have faith in the India story, it is basic for you to choose right stocks in the correct ventures to partake in this extraordinary story and we can assist you with that.

Stock Advisory

The triumphant system in riches creation is to distinguish a couple of good organizations, purchase their stocks at alluring costs, track their execution intently and stick to them till they perform. Stock advisory.

Purchasing such off-the-radar and under-followed stocks when nobody was notwithstanding discussing, turns into the following hot stock one day. Stock Advisory.

You mustn’t have an arrangement of 40-50 stocks (over-expand) or wager all your cash on only 2 or 3 stocks (over-focus). You need to strike the correct parity. Stock Advisory.

In reality, it sounds basic however as Warren Buffet puts it ‘Investing is straightforward yet difficult’.

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Stock Advisory.

Are you one of those who want utmost value for their investment? Of course, you are, everybody does.

But the critical question is – are you making the smart choices to achieve your financial goals? Stock Advisory.

If you are one of those who thinks insurance is a form of investment, your investment plan needs an immediate overhaul. Stock Advisory.

It’s high time you consider dynamic alternatives like an equity investment. Stock Advisory.

Your money and time are extremely important. Stock Advisory.

Hence you should invest them only in the instruments which will keep the value of your investment at par with the inflation rate.

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

It sounds little difficult to understand, doesn’t it? The stock advisory firm is the perfect alternative for you. Stock Advisory.

Identify The Best & The Most Undervalued Stocks

The stock market is an ocean of stocks. Stock Advisory.

From blue-chip stocks to small-cap there are various stocks listed on the market.

To identify the best stocks with the best prospects one needs years of experience and top-notch analytical skills.

So if you sign up with the good stock advisory firm it is very likely that you will get good returns from the stock calls provided by their research analysts.

Stock Advisory

Get A Tailor-Made Investment Plan

The work of a stock advisory firm is not just restricted to identifying undervalued stocks.

These firms also help their clients to draw an investment plan which will perfectly suit all their requirements.

The advisory firms have the answers for all the difficult questions like ‘where to invest’, ‘how much to invest’, etc.

Providing a customized investment plan is the salient feature of these advisory firms.d

Review Your Existing Investment Plan

Those who have already begun their stock investment journey can seek some valued advice from an advisory firm.

A review of your portfolio or overall investment plan by expert stock analysts can be quite beneficial.

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

Any form of investment, be it mutual funds or equity, needs to monitored periodically to understand its performance and growth.

A thorough scrutiny helps to weed out bad investments and to bring in the damage control measures, which saves both time and the money of the investor.

Saves You The Hassle Of Research & Analysis

To choose the stocks which can give you the best returns is not an easy task.

To ascertain it’s sustainability and growth potential one has to run it through various parameters i.e. market capital and management of the company, P/E ratio of the stock, YoY growth, debts of the company, etc.

It’s a tedious and an extremely time-consuming process. Subscribing to a good stock advisory firm will save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Stock Advisory

Enjoy Personalized Experience

One of the key features of stock advisory firms is that they provide a personalized experience to their clients. Stock Advisory.

Most of the firms let their clients interact with the stocks analysts.

This helps to understand the needs of the client and to design the best investment plan to meet their short-term or long-term financial goals.

In the event that you need to exchange stocks or need to put resources into the Nifty market. Stock Advisory.

At that point, you should consider share showcase warning administrations.

An offer market warning firm helps you in exchanging or putting resources into offer market.

The organizations proffer paid administrations and give brokers. Stock Advisory.

And financial specialists counsel about offering and purchasing of stocks, shares, product and so on. Stock Advisory.

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

They exhort their customers how to exchange the market and what approaches they ought to pursue while exchanging the market.

A stock warning administrations perform beneath recorded assignments:

Give advise about strategies and making arrangements for exchanging or putting resources into securities exchange.

Also, purchasing and pitching a proposal to their customers. Stock Advisory. Stock Advisory.

Recommend them how to put resources into offer market. Stock Advisory.

Stock Advisory

Bolster them by proffering followup now and again. Stock Advisory.

Thus, helps to illuminate client’s inquiries identified with speculation or exchanging. Stock Advisory.

Recoveries your chance and you don’t need to invest energy in the intricate procedure of dissolving the market patterns. Stock Advisory.

About securities exchange warning administrations:

Also, a securities exchange warning administration is the best goal where you can make venture arrangements.

It will help you which stock to purchase and which one to offer and when.

A warning firm will help you to learn tips and recommendations and help you better.

Securities exchange warning administrations exhorted novices, to begin with a mean entirety of sum rather than contribute all the capital.

The market is extremely flimsy and unsafe. Along these lines, contribute the sum that you can figure out how to lose.

Stock Advisory

Securities exchange exchanging depends on a considerable measure the way that which stock tips you have contributed.

Moreover, with our tips, you get over 95% of the accuracy with an allocated official that watches out for your speculation the entire time. Stock Advisory.

Thus, everybody is searching for a fast and simple approach to wealth and joy.

It is by all accounts human instinct to always look for a concealed key. Stock Advisory.

Or some exclusive piece of learning that all of a sudden prompts the finish of the rainbow or a triumphant lottery ticket.

While a few people do purchase winning tickets or a typical stock that quadruples or more in a year.

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

It is amazingly far-fetched since depending upon fortunes is a speculation system that just the silly or most urgent would pursue. Stock Advisory.

Moreover, in our journey for progress, we regularly neglect the most ground-breaking instruments accessible to us.

Also, time and the enchantment of aggravating interest.

Therefore, contributing routinely, maintaining a strategic distance from the pointless budgetary hazard.

Moreover,  giving your cash a chance to work for you over a time of years and decades is a sure method to store up huge resources.

Stock Advisory

For what reason would you say you are thinking about putting resources into the share trading system?

Will you require your trade retreat a half year, a year, five years or more? Stock Advisory.

Is it true that you are putting something aside for retirement, for future school costs?

To buy a home, or to fabricate a bequest to leave to your recipients?

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

Before contributing, you should know your motivation and the feasible time, later on, you may have need of the assets.

On the off chance that you are probably going to require your speculation returned inside a couple of years, think about another venture. Stock Advisory.

Also, the share trading system with its instability gives no sureness that the majority of your capital will be accessible when you require it. Stock Advisory.

By knowing how much capital you will require and the future point in time when you will require it.

Stock Advisory

You can compute the amount you ought to contribute and what sort of profit for your venture will be expected to create the coveted outcome. Stock Advisory.

Thus, to gauge how much capital you are probably going to the requirement for retirement. Stock Advisory.

Or future school costs, utilize one of the free money related number crunchers accessible over the Internet. Stock Advisory.

Also, retirement adding machines, going from the easy to the more perplexing incorporating mix.

Therefore, with future Social Security benefits, are accessible at Kiplinger, Bankrate, and MSN Money. Stock Advisory.

Stock Advisory
Stock Advisory

Comparable school cost number crunchers are accessible at CNNMoney and TimeValue.

Also, many stock financier firms offer comparative adding machines.

Therefore, keep in mind that the development of your portfolio relies on three related variables:

Firstly, the capital you contribute. 

The measure of net yearly profit on your capital.

The number of years or time of your venture. Stock Advisory.

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