option Trading Tips

Option Trading Tips

Striker Stock Research is one of the leading ventures which has settled its empowerment as a consultant, therefore, it is a one-stop destination as option Trading Tips.

We recommend our services for equity and derivatives market including NSE, MCX, NCDEX, FOREX, and COMEX with quality research-based technical and fundamental base work.

we facility with the share market live tips for equity, commodity and forex and a diverse range of financial services.

it is playing an important role in its investor’s financial lives by providing a complete package of effective and efficient offerings and with proper knowledge option Trading Tips.


This made flexible enough relying on the client’s needs which helps in overcoming risk and owning the profits.

Striker stock research is a reckoned name in the financial services arena, You will get a wide range of services if you are willing to invest in the market option Trading Tips.

It is not just the technical calls and recommendations that lift you up towards success but also our piece of suggestion.

Option Trading Tips

The derivative Strategy the safest and the best strategy in this highly unpredictable market option Trading Tips.

In our service of Call Options Tips and Put Options Tips we make very safe strategy with all the required knowledge of our brilliant analysts option Trading Tips.

They use all their experience and logic to read, study and analyze the market using the Derivative Instruments and Techniques option Trading Tips.

They track all major Derivative Traded Instruments Including Stock Options and Nifty Options.

We provide Options – Call and Put Tips with unmatched in the light of accuracy to fetch the maximum profit from the market for our clients. designed for Options Traders.

stock market tips are one shop for all information on the Indian stock market and its daily transactions option Trading Tips.

We established ourselves in the field of research and analysis also of the stock markets.

equally important We are strategic experts that carefully study the market to say nothing of transactions and activities to provide tips and services on trading and investment to traders, a matter of fact, brokers, and investors option Trading Tips.

sum up we serve with intraday stock tips, Future stocks, Nifty future calls as well as short-term stock investment tips option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

We recommend trading in option as safe and risk reluctant segment of intraday trading.

Although it is simple it still requires in-depth research, knowledge of the market and technical expertise. In Intraday option trading, Option Trading Tips.

the risk increases with the increase in exposure for volume traders.

We at option Tips are company solely dedicated to the motive of creating awareness among the investors for better investments in terms of safety and growth, option Trading Tips.

option tip is a one-stop portal for all active and passive players in the Indian Stock Market.

come across unbiased information provider across the in-depth pattern of the Stock market providing expert views and news especially for the Option Traders.

Option tips are dedicated to unfurling the expertise of those Option veterans in the Indian Stock Market domain who are involved in providing option tips in index and equity Options.

Hedging with options, Call & Put Writing Strategies. with this intention, We bring them all to one common platform Option tips.

are the first and foremost company who are providing Sureshot wherever services in option segment, Option Trading Tips.

It’s solely the discretion of in order for the viewers to opt for the information which they feel the best, Option Trading Tips.

We are the best and sole Sureshot services in terms of option segment, Options Trading Tips

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Option Trading Tips

You made an options trade and straightaway the position gone well, leaving you with a nice fat profit as expiration approaches Option Trading Tips.

Now the question becomes, what do you do with these cheap out of the money option contracts you sold? Option Trading Tips.

buy back your penny options or let them expire worthless? presently Are there risks to do one over the other and when should you lean one way or not? option Trading Tips.

On today’s show, I’ll talk through what our research shows about exiting trades early, when to just leave them on to expire worthlessly, and whom it all impacts your bottom line profit and loss. Option Trading Tips


Key Points from Today’s Show:

At Option Alpha, we buy back many of our option contracts before they reach expiration Option Trading Tips.

There are not a lot of contracts that we let go all the way until expiration. Option Trading Tips

Results show that when you exit these positions early, when favorable, it is better just to take the risk off.

When you are making a profit, most times it is better to take the tradeoff and bank the profit.

Option Trading Tips


SMH traded in a range between $80 and $90 during June/July, but started and ended the two-month cycle at about $86.

This tells you that throughout that time there were a lot of opportunities to make a profit during the movement of the range.

The market ebbs and flows, which gives you the opportunity to take money off the table if you are patient enough to wait for those moves Option Trading Tips.

When things move your way and your opportunity to take money off the table, you probably should do it Option Trading Tips.


• Often times traders get greedy and wait for all the way until expiration to get as much out of it as possible.

• However, if you are taking 90% of the premium out of it, why hold it any longer to make another $10?

the show I’ll talk through what our research shows about exiting trades early when to just leave them on to expire worthlessly, and who it all impacts your bottom line profit and loss Option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

Should You Buy Back Penny Options?

Example 1: you iron butterfly and sell 100 strike calls and 100 strikes put. Then bought 110 calls and 90 strikes put

If by the time you exit the position those option contracts then are not worth a lot, you probably should not exit those positions. Option Trading Tips they ’re only worth.

$1 or $2, don’t spend the $1 in commission costs to close out the trade Option Trading Tips.

Leave those long options on to expire worthless, so that they act as little long lottery tickets in case the markets become really volatile in the time until expiration.


They act as a tail hedge for your portfolio against a black swan event that you cannot predict. Keep in mind,  there is value left in these options you should close them out.

Example 2: You have short option contracts you are selling a strangle, as you get closer to an expiration of each leg of the strangle is worth about a penny.

Inside the week of expiration, with option contracts far out of the money, let it go to expiration.

Option Trading Tips

Test: “Throwing a lure in the water”

  • To see if contracts are worth buying back, put in an order to buy back just one contract on each side, Option Trading Tips.
  • If the order does not get filled fast, occasionally it most likely means that nobody is interested in that strike price level.
  •  there is no liquidity in those far out of the money options, it is reasonable to assume that those option contracts are not close to going in the money or have a very slim chance.
  • If they have a chance of going in the money, somebody would be buying them up, even in the last couple day of expiration.
  • Ultimately, it all comes down to determining how far out of the money your contracts are. 


Ex: If you make a trade and it’s 60 days out and 10 days into that trade you reach 50% profit target, take the trade-off. It’s not worth it to hold it another 50 days to possibly make another possible 25% or have the stock turn against you.

Option Trading Tips

Profit Striker Stock Research Results (see show 100)

  • When you close out of an iron condor at a 50% profit target, that is one of the best ways to increase win rates. Option Trading Tips
  • This creates positive expected returns and you experience much lower drawdowns because you are not holding the position and letting the market go against you. 
  • In those scenarios, you also have slightly lower returns at the end of a 10 year trading period Option Trading Tips.
  • Most trades that go all the way to expiration ends up generating the bulk of the potential returns. 
  • When you let the contracts go to expiration, you give up your win rate and drawdowns.

*This is not an every market scenario.

Closed out at 50% profits: creates a stable portfolio curve, a consistent growth metric Option Trading Tips.

Sent to expiration: creates a much more erratic portfolio curve with big spikes and big drawdowns — created higher returns, but a lot more volatility.

  • At Option Alpha we started holding trades just slightly longer than we have in the past, to find the benchmark. Option Trading Tips
  • However, if we have early profits we will proceed to take the trades off.

Option Trading Tips

It’s finally here! After years of research, meanwhile development, and testing the doors are open to purchasing access to our incredible new options backtesting and trade optimization software we’re calling the “Trader’s Toolbox”.

Given that we’ve now got a whole suite of tools and scanners for you to use we have to consolidate it under one roof which is why we believe having a Toolbox is the clearest and logical route.

You can learn more about the new software release including demos for by clicking here. Option Trading Tips


Key Points from Today’s Show:

Ground-Breaking Backtesting Software

  • Intuitive software that produces extremely powerful results.
  • Made up of two components:
  1. The ability to backtest different trades and strategies across different ticker symbols.
  2. Trade optimization software.option Trading Tips.

The Trader’s Toolbox

  • The toolbox consists of two versions, Toolbox Light and Toolbox Plus.
  • The Toolbox Light purchase comes with access to the watchlist and the earnings calendar.
  • The Toolbox Plus includes the backtesting software and the trade optimization software.

Option Trading Tips

you trade options longer than ten days you’ll undoubtedly run into a scenario where you get challenged by a stock moving either higher or lower against your position. Option Trading Tips.

this happens the first question many people ask is “Do I start rolling up strike prices and adjust the position or work on closing out the trade completely at a loss?”Option Trading Tips.

Naturally,  the camp where we believe, and our backtesting confirms, that rolling your strike prices closer to where the stock is trading and taking in additional net credits ultimately gives you the best opportunity to either profit or reduce risk on the position Option Trading Tips.


On today’s podcast, we’ll explore this topic more deeply with detailed example and walk through so you understand conceptually how it all works moving forward. option Trading Tips.

Are you interested in stock trading lately but is in need of credible suggestions? Well, the article here provides some necessary tips to assist in your stock.

Option Trading Tips

Key Points from Today’s Show:

  • When you roll up your strike prices, you are collecting more credits.
  • This moves the unchallenged or untested side of the trade closer to where the market is. Option Trading Tips.
  • Taking what the market gives you and adjusting along with the markets as they move.Option Trading Tips.


If the stock is trading for $100 and starts to run up to $105, you would roll up your puts, which are below the market. If the stock is trading at $100 and starts falling to $95, roll down the calls closer to where the stock is trading. 


Why Adjust Instead of Closing Out?

  • When adjusting a position without adding any additional risk, you take in more credit.
  • The credit widens your break-even point on your challenged side. 
  • If those break-even points are ever breached, then at least you have effectively reduced risk. 
  • An adjustment reduces the loss that you might have on that particular side of the trade. 
  • This cuts the trades loss profile, creating an unintentional win. 

*Myth: the trade you start with is the exact same trade you end with. 

That is only true if you never make an adjustment.

Option Trading Tips

Options trading for consistent returns is our primary focus. Preserving capital is also a primary objective. Option Trading Tips.

Our strategy produces excellent results in rising bull markets. This strategy is also ideal for declining markets. option Trading Tips.

Keeping funds tied up in long-term stagnant positions is a situation we try to avoid. Our goal is to outperform all averages. Option Trading Tips.

Profits are not re-invested – the goal is monthly income, not yearly returns. Monthly trade ideas have a target of double-digit returns each & every month.

A very high success rate has been reached in accomplishing this goal.


Trades may go against the position. It does not happen often, but it does happen.

we are not shy about pulling the cord and exiting positions quickly. Holding on to winning trades, and closing out losing trades, this is a wise strategy.

It is actually the most successful strategy.  always a new opportunity, and we excel at finding the best equity option spread situations.

Over the years this system has become very adept at implementing the best options trading system. option Trading Tips.

Become a member and receive the current trade of the month, as well as the upcoming Trade of the Month. Unique profit strategy, come to join our program.

Option Trading Tips

Option Spread Strategies the leading strategy-oriented options service when it comes to consistent returns.

Our personnel leads our subscribers through times of low volatility and high volatility. Option Trading Tips.

On a regular basis, we research, discuss, speculate, and predict stock and options movement.

This newsletter’s stock options trading knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed.


I do believe we are…the ‘smartest guys in the room’. Steadfast double-digit monthly returns option Trading Tips
with the minimal risk the end result goal This not easy.

There are swings. Not all trade ideas are profitable. Options, by nature, are volatile. Option Trading Tips.

However, history showed a strong penchant for profiting on a consistent basis here. Timing is critical when trading options. option Trading Tips.

Simply put, you’ve found the best up to the present time options advisory newsletter.

Years & years of experience is what allows this newsletter to make confident, intuitive decisions. option Trading Tips.

In-depth research provides the best opportunity to consequently, profit via shrewd option spread investing on a monthly basis. option Trading Tips.

We hope you make the decision to try our newsletter today. option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

This newsletter service will release one stock options investment idea per month. Frequently, option Trading Tips.

the optimal strategy is trading equity option credit spreads. Maintaining the best options strategies while striving to control risk and mitigate volatility is sought after. option Trading Tips.

Thorough research and investment analysts accounted for superior returns since this website’s inception.

These proprietary strategies are time-tested. These strategies have shown documented success year after year.

My knowledge of the options industry is second to none. Each year this website take’s pride in outperforming stock market indices option Trading Tips.

Join the best options trading newsletter today & let’s get to work. option Trading Tips.

you interested in stock trading lately but is in need of credible suggestions?

Well, the article here provides some necessary tips to assist in your stock venture. option Trading Tips.

First of all, you have to have a solid knowledge of stock trading, the various strategies, and terminologies involved with the trade. You can talk to seasoned stock traders around option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

How To Make Money Through Trading

Ambitious people, especially fresh commerce graduates want to make money fast. option Trading Tips.

This desire for fast money is best served with trading. Though some people consider trading a risky option as it often leads to

people losing a lot of their money, but done strategically trading can indeed yield good results. option Trading Tips.

It is a business of plans and tactics and how well one plays them decides how much they taste success. option Trading Tips.

Stock trading ever so popular because of people able to make money through the stock market even when others lose out. option Trading Tips.

In a moment Commerce graduates do better in this field, though anyone can do it with smartness and strategic planning.

Traders aware of the market conditions and have plans to get through bad situations. option Trading Tips.

Slight deviations in the market can lead to huge losses. So be aware of the possible contingencies. option Trading Tips.

With good strategy management, share trading can yield high positive profits for those who play it carefully.

Option Trading Tips

All About Binary Option Trading

Have you heard a lot about online binary options trading? Binary options trading has been in existence for quite some time now, option Trading Tips.

earlier it was done through specialized brokers who charged quite an amount of money for their services. option Trading Tips.

Nowadays the business is carried out mainly online, thus making trading a lot simpler. option Trading Tips.

When you purchase a binary option, you get the right to purchase or sell a certain commodity at a pre-decided price within a time frame that was pre-decided as well. option Trading Tips.

You can earn a high return on it if is eventually within the money range of the purchase. option Trading Tips.

However, you run the risk of losing your total option Trading Tips investment as well. Thus, with binary options trading, there is no middle path. option Trading Tips.

Some of the most common types of binary options trading are range binary option, high low binary option and the touch-no touch binary option. option Trading Tips.

You are advised to talk to your financial adviser before trying your hands at it. option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

Emerging market trends

The market trends are changing fast like the pace of fashion. option Trading Tips.

market trends to be studied before you go for any business or any sales and marketing related jobs, option Trading Tips.

the market trends are related to the rise and fall of the Sensex. option Trading Tips.

market trends are changing fast in order to suit the various demands of the customers and the public.

The market trends and strategies will vary according to the type of the products. option Trading Tips.

The marketing strategies will vary from that of a mobile phone company to that of a company manufacturing clothes and cosmetics, option Trading Tips.

The market trends in the recent years taken the help of various offers and deals and discounts to attract more and more customers, option Trading Tips.

The market trends are attempted to maximize their sales and thus make and more profits, option Trading Tips.

The changes in the market trends are going on in full swing till date, option Trading Tips.

Option Trading Tips

If you want to open an account that the platform of trading and binary options, you will have to consider a few things.

The best way to go for a binary option is to consult a broker. This helps you a lot in ensuring a success in the market of trade.

It is not that easy to select a broker for a binary platform. you can test the brokers with a few parameters.

You can get help from the internet in a huge way. The internet will give you all the information regarding the matter and be depending on that, Options Trading Tips.

you able to make your choice. all things considered Look for the web interfaces of the different binary platforms.

The ones that are user-friendly and have easy navigation should be given points, option Trading Tips.

Look out for different features like mobile trading. It is a very handy feature and is useful for getting new accounts opened.

Option Trading Tips


index options: These options have the index as the underlying. In India, have a European style settlement. Eg. Nifty options, Mini Nifty options etc.

Stock options: Stock options are options on individual stocks. A stock option contract gives

the holder the right to buy or sell the underlying shares at the specified price. They have an

The buyer of an option: The buyer of an option is the one who by paying the option premium buys the right but not the obligation to exercise his option on the seller/writer.

Writer/seller of an option: The writer/seller of a call/put option is the one who receives the option premium and is thereby obliged to sell/buy the asset if the buyer exercises on him.

Call option: A call option gives the holder the right but not the obligation to buy an asset by
a certain date for a certain price.

Put option: A put option gives the holder the right but not the obligation to sell an asset by
a certain date for a certain price.

Option price/premium: Option price is the price which the option buyer pays to the
option seller. It is also referred to as the option premium.

Expiration date: The date specified in the options contract is known as the expiration
date, the exercise date, now the strike date or the maturity.

Strike price: The price specified in the options contract is known as the strike price or the
exercise price.

Option Trading Tips

The optionality characteristic of options results in a non-linear payoff for options.

In simple words, it means that the losses for the buyer of an option are limited, the profits potentially unlimited. For a writer (seller), the payoff is exactly the opposite.

His profits limited to the option premium, however, losses are potentially unlimited.

These nonlinear payoffs are fascinating as they lend themselves to be used to generate various.

payoffs by using combinations of options and the underlying. look here at the six basic payoffs (pay close attention to these pay-offs, since all the strategies in the book are derived out of these basic payoffs).

1.2.1 Payoff profile of buyer of asset: Long asset

In this basic position, an investor buys the underlying asset, ABC Ltd. shares for instance,

for Rs. 2220, and sells it at a future date at an unknown price, St. Once it is purchased, the investor is said to be “long” the asset.

by the time Figure, 1.1 shows the payoff for a long position on ABC Ltd.

Option Trading Tips

Buy of a call option

shows the profits/losses for the buyer of a three-month Nifty 2250 call option.

As can be seen, as the spot Nifty rises, up to the present time the call option is in-the-money.

If upon expiration, Nifty closes above the strike of 2250, the buyer would exercise his option and profit to the extent of the

difference between the Nifty-close and the strike price, option Trading Tips.
The profits possible on this option are potentially unlimited.

However if Nifty falls below the strike of 2250, he lets the option expire.

His losses are limited to the extent of the premium he paid for buying the option.

Payoff profile for a writer (seller) of call options: Short call

A call option the right to buy the underlying asset at the strike price
specified in the option.

For selling together with the option, the writer of furthermore the option charges a premium.

The profit/loss that eventually the buyer makes on the option depends on the spot price of the
underlying, option Trading Tips.

Whatever the buyer’s profit is the seller’s loss. If upon expiration, the spot price exceeds the strike price, the buyer will exercise the option on the writer, option Trading Tips.

Hence the price increases, the writer of comparatively the option starts making losses.

Higher the spot price more is the loss he makes. If upon expiration the spot price of the underlying is less than
the strike price, Options Trading Tips.

similarly, the buy option Trading Tipser lets his option expire un-exercised and the writer gets to keep

the premium, option Trading Tips.

identically Figure 1.4 gives the payoff for the writer of a three-month call option (often
referred to as short call) with a strike of 2250 sold at a premium of 86.60.

Option Trading Tips

Should You Buy Back Penny Options?

Example 1: If you an iron butterfly and sell 100 strike calls and 100 strike PUTS Then bought 110 calls and 90 strike PUTS If by the time you exit the position those option contracts are not worth a lot, option Trading Tips.

you probably should not exit positions. If they’re only worth $1 or $2, don’t spend the $1 in commission costs to close out the trade option Trading Tips.

Leave those long options on to expire worthless, so that they act as little long lottery tickets in case the markets become really volatile in the time until expiration.

They act as a tail hedge for your portfolio against a black swan event that you cannot predict. Keep in mind, is value left in options you close them out option Trading Tips.

Example 2: You short option contracts where you are selling a strangle, as you get closer to an expiration of each leg of the strangle is worth about a penny option Trading Tips.

Inside the week of expiration, formerly with option contracts far out of the money, let it go to expiration option Trading Tips.

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