Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday trading involves buying and selling of stocks within the same trading day.

Here stocks or commodities are purchased, not with an intention to invest, but for the purpose of earning profits by harnessing the movement of stock indices.

Thus, the fluctuations in the prices of the stocks or commodities are harnessed to earn profits from the trading of stocks.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

An online trading account is used for the purpose of intraday trading.

While doing intraday trading, you need to specify that the orders are specific to intraday trading. Intraday Trading Tips.

After a lot of studies and practical case study, I concluded that none of the indicators can be termed RELIABLE.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading requires devising own strategy to make money in the stock market.

After going through a lot of turbulence and ups/downs, I created a list of tips for myself.

Intraday Trading is a vast subject, and I can write hundreds of posts on the same.

As the orders are squared off before the end of the trading day, it is also called Intraday Trading.

Do proper research –

Intraday Trading Tips.

One should do proper research before making a trade. Should study well about the stock or the index, using charts based on technical analysis.

It helps in determining important levels of the stock, strength, and trend of the stock.

90% Traders will Get Profit if they can Follow the Below Rules.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

Be disciplined 

Discipline is what qualifies the successful trader.

Avoiding overtrading, not fighting against the trend and cutting short losses and keeping fear and greed emotions out of the trading are some important steps.

Intraday Trading Tips.

News in commodities trading is very important.

Commodity trading is based on international news because the direction of trend can find by the international news and price only but this is always a headache for the trader.

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Intraday Trading Tips

There is a lot of news about commodities in the international market, which is useful and which is not useful.

Some time trader misses basic news also and sometimes he collects too much useless news from the internet like he is not an intraday trader but wants to buy commodities for future requirement of his project in physical form so now hedging them. Intraday Trading Tips.

Most of commodities trader even earning good profit from it by intraday or positional trades also don’t know that why the Commodity Exchange and how it works in reality. Intraday Trading Tips.

Just on a business news channel at 10 am and 6 pm, there you can find commodities news.

Intraday Trading Tips

There you can find all the necessary news about commodities.

Intraday Trading Tips.

It’s more than enough for intraday trading.

Here are some few take away points to keep in mind while doing intraday trading:

  • Intraday Trading Tips.
  • Indicators of Intraday Trading Tips.
  • How to make a profit in intraday trading.
  • Intraday Time Analysis.
  • How to choose stock in intraday trading.

Trade with the money you afford to lose 

Intraday Trading Tips.

Trading should be done only with the spare money, the money you don’t need and can afford to lose.

Intraday Trading Tips

Trading, although very profitable, is associated with substantial risk.

Strategies To Use While Intraday Trading:

Intraday Trading Tips.

Liquidity –

Always try to trade in highly liquid shares.

Liquidity is the volume of shares traded.

In liquid stocks, it is easy to enter and exit the trade and you enter or exit the trade near the last traded price. Intraday Trading Tips.

Hedging Technique:

Intraday Trading Tips.

There is some hedging technique also, its sound good in theory but practically it’s not a good bet. I am just sharing with you. Intraday Trading Tips.

Pair Hedging: 

In pair hedging, we buy a strong commodity and sell weak commodity from the same sector or different sector at the same time.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips.

It’s on the possibility that at least one will hit the target but sometimes both hit SL then add brokerages and tax, it’s become more worst.

Cage Strategy:              

Cage strategy is most powerful in commodity trading. We follow in Intraday Trading Tips.

In cage strategy, kept open a Buy order above the high and Sell order below the low. Intraday Trading Tips.

When a commodity breaks the high or low level than most possible it makes the new big high and low.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

When an order executes in the Cage strategy, Just place SL slightly below the previous high for a buy order and slightly above the previous low for an executed sell order. Intraday Trading Tips.

So your SL will small and Target will be big.

Intraday Trading Tips.

There are some tricks that you can use for making a more winning chance in the above methods but you should some practice before applying it.

Double Stop Loss order: 

Intraday Trading Tips.

In this trick, we shall add double quantity in our SL order for the above strategy.

So when our SL will hit then with half quantity our open position will square off and with rest half quantity we can get profit and recover our loss what we made by SL hit.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips.

Like if crude oil is strong and we bought 1 lot of crude oil near the ATP with 2 Lot stop loss just slightly below the ATP. Intraday Trading Tips

Suddenly crude oil shows the reversal and its break the ATP. Intraday Trading Tips.

We had 2 lot SL orders, so with 1 lot our buying position will square off and another 1 lot will short and it will start generating profit for us.

Intraday Trading Tips

Crude oil breaks the ATP so most possible it will show big movement because it’s broke the important ATP levels.

So with this extra lot of profit, we can recover our loss what he made with SL hit. Intraday Trading Tips.

If there is any big downside then we can generate extra profit also after recover loss with SL hit one lot.

Intraday Trading Tips.

There is an overwhelming and unanimous opinion that Intraday Trading should not be initiated without a stop loss.

Though stop loss is 1/3rd of expected gains, if it is near any pivot point or resistance/support levels then it may result in more losses.

For such a trick, you should have a good practice.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips.

Profit taking 

Intraday Trading Tips.

Exit Strategy is really important.

Take your profits and get out of the market when your target is achieved.

Letting the profits run beyond targets leads to greed which is dangerous for trading.

Intraday Trading Tips.

You never know when the market will turn around and throw you in losses after eating all the profit.

Intraday Trading Tips

Same Commodity with different months: 

Intraday Trading Tips.

In this, we buy one month and sell next month same commodity the same the time with very small SL.

So if commodity raise or fall, we can get that movement.

Intraday Trading Tips.

However, it is sounding very good theoretically but in reality, it is not so.

After hitting one side SL and paying both sides brokerages and taxes, you will be left with very small profit remain that also if its show any big movement.

If it fails to show big movement then it can be in loss also. Intraday Trading Tips.

Some time both SL hit and a big loss.

So it should be avoided if you are not familiar with this technique.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

Take Advantage of the Nature of the Market

Another of the commodity trading secrets is paying attention to a factor that is unique to commodities as opposed to other investment vehicles and which tends to significantly drive prices – seasonality.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Nearly all major commodity markets tend to follow established seasonal price patterns.

A simple example is heating oil and natural gas futures.

Intraday Trading Tips

Both of these commodities tend to, year in and year out, rise into the winter months when demand is highest and decline into summer as demand falls off.

Certainly, there may be specific economic conditions that disrupt this general pattern from time to time, but over any 10-year period, one can reasonably expect such general season price trends to run true at least seven or eight years out of 10.

There are specific seasonal patterns that traders can watch for, and take advantage of, in commodity trading.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

Moreover, many years back, famous futures trader, Jake Bernstein gathered a collection of seasonal trends.

That contains dozens of details about seasonal patterns that occur throughout the year in different types of commodity markets.

That is along with the historical record of what percentage of the time the markets stayed true to each seasonal pattern.

More recently, seasonal trading software that basically incorporates such data has been created and is available for traders to use.

Trading seasonal patterns is not a guaranteed win – nothing in trading ever is – but it definitely offers traders an extra edge.

Intraday Trading Tips

Seasonal patterns can be used as confirming indicators of an existing trend, or as cautionary contrary indicators that may make a trader wisely watchful for an upcoming trend change.

If nothing else, proper awareness of seasonal tendencies in various commodity markets can at least help you avoid suffering huge losses.

For example, only the bravest of traders ever holds a large short sell position in orange juice futures heading into winter, when just one overnight freeze can send orange juice futures prices suddenly soaring.

Intraday Trading Tips

The safer course of action is to perhaps venture a small buy position, from which you can profit handsomely in the event of a freeze that drives prices dramatically higher, but that isn’t likely to suffer catastrophic losses to the downside even if no adverse weather conditions materialize.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Overtrading is suicidal.

More trades become difficult to manage.

So trade only that quantity you are comfortable with.

Keep a number of trades limited to 2-3.

If you have got a sufficient profit in one trade then it is a wise choice to close the system now.

Choose your trades on the basis of Risk Reward Ratio.

Intraday Trading Tips

Trading Methods:                                 

ATP Respect:           

In fact, ATP plays a major role in commodity trading.

ATP works as a support and resistance level for the commodity.

If there is any commodity trending in a strong position, then ATP will work a support level for that commodity.

When it’s come too near ATP then most possible it will respect the ATP and will start raise from here.

Now is the right time to take it from near the ATP. Further, put the SL slightly below the ATP.

Intraday Trading Tips.

So your SL will small and Target will be big.

Similarly, with weak commodity, ATP works as a resistance for the weak commodity.

Intraday Trading Tips

When it’s come too near ATP then most possible it will fail to break ATP level and again start downside.

So you can short it near ATP level and put SL just slightly above the ATP.

So your SL will small in respect to the target.

We help our clients to adhere to money management as well as risk management principles, to make them accomplish their financial goals.

Intraday Trading Tips

Our analysts utilize the trend following strategies in a sophisticated manner to facilitate our clients to grab the profits.

We also facilitate our clients to have a diversified portfolio to trade in a risk-free and secure mode.

ATP Crossover:

 When a reversal come in market and commodity break the ATP as support or resistance level then it’s known as ATP crossover.

In the case when a commodity crosses the ATP then there is a huge possibility that it will give a big movement.

Intraday Trading Tips

If any strong commodity show reversal and break the ATP as support then you can sell it when its break the ATP level and put the SL slightly above the ATP.

So your SL will small and Target will be big.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Similarly, if any weak commodity show reversal and break the ATP as resistance then you can buy it above the ATP level and put SL slightly below the ATP.

So your SL will small and Target will be big.

Striker Stock Research provides you Trading tips of the Indian stock market and Commodity Market with intense analysis done by our Team of Analysts.

Intraday Trading Tips

The Striker Stock Research is a one-stop solution for all your trade regarding queries.  You will get a solution for all the share market trends, associated with the Indian Stock market and Commodity market.

We are having highly knowledgeable technical analysts in Striker Stock Research. Our technical analysts do exhaustive research and then provide extremely valuable tips.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Successful commodity traders know the commodity trading secrets and distinguish between trading different types of financial markets.

Trading commodities are different from trading stocks.

However, it involves a different play but that is worth learning for the investors.

Intraday Trading Tips

Every investment instrument is unique in terms of how best to generate profits from trading it.

Commodity Trading Secrets – Find Your Market.

So guys here we are mentioning some rarely known commodity secrets for you:

However, it is seen that the commodity traders who are being consistently successful in this market always specialize in any one of the markets.

For an example cotton or having specialization in any small market segment like Bullions or grains futures.

Till now I do not get any satisfactory reason for this fact.

Intraday Trading Tips

But it’s a fact that very few traders are observed worldwide who can trade very well in all the segments of the commodity market.

Let me tell you a story of a popular trader of 1980s.

He was having a just perfect trading record that you can say nearly flawless trading record in the cotton market.

Copying his cotton trades back then would have been about the closest thing to just printing piles of money for yourself.

The market highs and lows were moving just according to him. Everything was going just perfect.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips
Intraday Trading Tips.

However, this same uncannily brilliant cotton trader had one fatal flaw: He also loved trading the silver market.

Unfortunately for him, he was just as outrageously bad at trading silver as he was outrageously good at trading cotton.

His weakness was compounded by the fact that while he typically traded long-term trends in the cotton market, the day traded the silver market, which provided him with fresh opportunities to lose money every trading day of the week.

Intraday Trading Tips

Find your market.  It’s an important Intraday Trading Tips.

It may take some time – and some losing trades – to do this, but it isn’t really all that difficult to determine, over a reasonable period of time, what you seem to have a knack for trading – and what you don’t have a knack for trading.

You can take a simple review of your initial six months trades.

It will clearly show you which is the market best for you to trade in the future.

You can decide then easily, where to go.

As you trade, you’ll probably also develop a feel for which markets you feel most confident in trading.

Intraday Trading Tips


Trust your instincts on that score.

If profitably trading oil futures comes easily to you, then just stick with that, and don’t go trying to complicate your life by trying to master trading some market that’s obviously difficult for you.

Why make your trading life more difficult than it need be?

You’ll likely fare much better by gradually picking up related markets such as natural gas or heating oil.

Use of Stop loss –

This is a very important part of any kind of trading.

Intraday Trading Tips

Most of the traders don’t use it, knowingly or unknowingly and end up taking huge losses.

Stop loss helps cutting short the losses and keeping emotions out of trading thereby protecting capital.

Remember, capital protection is more important than earning profits.

Profit earning opportunities keep on arising in the markets which you can use if keep your capital protected.

The intraday trading limit is $1.50 per troy ounce above or below the previous trading day’s settlement price.

One platinum futures contract controls 50 troy ounces.

Platinum’s intraday trading limit is $25 per troy ounce above or below the previous trading day’s settlement price.

Intraday Trading Tips

Agriculture Futures Intraday Price Limits.

Corn, wheat, and soybeans are traded in bushels. One futures contract controls 5,000 bushels.

Corn’s intraday trading limit is $0.40 per bushel, which expands to $0.60 when the market closes.

Wheat’s intraday trading limit is $0.60, which expands to $0.90 and then to $1.60 when the market closes.

Soybeans’ intraday trading limit is $0.70, which expands to $1.05 and then to $1.60 when the market closes.

One soybean oil contract controls 60,000 pounds.

Soybean oil’s intraday price limit is 2.5 cents per pound, which expands to 3.5 cents and then to 5.5 cents when the market closes.

Intraday Trading Tips

Energy Futures Intraday Price Limits.

Crude oil is traded by the barrel.

One futures contract controls 1,000 barrels.

The intraday trading limit is $10 per barrel calculated from the previous day’s settlement price for each contract month.

Reformulated blendstock for oxygenate blending, or RBOB, is the name for unleaded gasoline futures.

One contract controls 42,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline.

The intraday trading limit is $0.25 per gallon calculated from the previous day’s settlement price for each contract month.

Natural gas is traded in British thermal units or BTUs.

One contract controls 10,000 million BTUs.

The intraday trading limit is $1.50 per 10,000 million BTUs calculated from the previous day’s settlement price for each contract month.

Intraday Trading Tips

Livestock Futures Intraday Price Limits.

Livestock futures are traded in pounds.

One live cattle futures contract controls 40,000 pounds of beef.

Live cattle’s intraday trading limit is $0.03 per pound calculated from the previous trading day’s settlement price.

One lean hog futures contract controls 40,000 pounds of pork.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Lean hog’s intraday trading limit is $0.03 per pound calculated from the previous trading day’s settlement price.

In the past 20 years, I traded nearly everything you can trade, including commodities.

Intraday Trading Tips

For about 10 years, I have gone from purely emotional trading to systematical rule-based trading.

Now, I am not going into any trade anymore, if the case is I can not get a positive return on my trading strategies.

However, one thing I still think I understand is the value of something.

I do not like value investing in shares, because shares can go to 0.

With commodities it is different.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Today you can buy silver for $22/ounce and we know that production costs are between $25-$30.

Even if silver will not face any type of shortage in recent times, according to me it will be extremely interesting for the long-term investment.

No commodity ever remained for a long time below production cost.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

With such a constellation the downside risk of the silver price is much smaller than the possibility of higher prices.

The commodity market is making waves on the global market platform.

Intraday Trading Tips. Best Digital Marketing Course in Indore.

Just like the share market, the commodity market is also immensely popular among thousands of people around.

One of the popular commodity exchange platforms in India is MCX (multi-commodity exchange).

Intraday Trading Tips

You can get a positive return regularly as an intraday MCX trader in rising as well as falling markets. You just have to follow our calls which follow proper strategies.

Intraday Trading Tips.

This is possible because almost all actively traded commodities register four price levels daily:

  1. Firstly, the opening price.
  2. Secondly, the intraday high price.
  3. Further, the intraday low price.
  4. The closing price.

Intraday Trading Tips.

However, intraday trading refers to the practice of buying and selling financial instruments within a one-day time frame is called day trading or intraday trading.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Those traders that participate in day trading are called active traders or day traders.

Intraday Trading Tips

  •  The client will receive 1 – 2 Intraday Trading Tips.
  •  Success Ratio of our Intraday Trading Tips will be 98%.
  •  Calls during Trading Hours only.
  • Intraday Trading Tips.
  •  Calls will be provided depending on the market trends.
  •  Supports will be provided via SMS, Call, and Chat.
  •  Minimum Return on Investment: 2% to 3% on in intraday.
  •  Recommendations are based on our expert’s Analysis.

Intraday Trading Tips.

The difference in these price levels in the commodity market fluctuates between 2% to 20%, giving rise to many opportunities for day traders to earn profits on a daily basis.

Intraday Trading Tips

With the help of our valuable Intraday Trading Tips, even small traders with low investment strategies and no experience can earn profits just like experienced market traders. Intraday Trading Tips.

Various MCX intraday services (Intraday Trading Tips) provided by Striker Stock Research are:

  1. Bullion pack.
  2. Bullion HNI pack.
  3. Base metal pack.
  4. Energy pack.
  5. Base metal HNI pack.
  6. Energy HNI pack.
  7. Commodities HNI pack.
  8. Intraday Trading Tips.

Trading Energy commodities like Crude, Natural Gas with the help of technical analysis tools such as Channels and Elliott wave!

Intraday Trading Tips.

MCX Crude and Natural Gas both these commodities continued to move lower over the last few weeks. Intraday Trading Tips.

This has been providing a good shorting opportunity from intraday as well positional perspective.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

We follow the objective technical tools in Intraday Trading Tips to capture most of the opportunities.

However one should understand that there is always a probability and hence trading with strict risk management is the key!

Intraday Trading Tips.

Subscribe annually and avail 30% discount on Intraday Trading Tips with free access to Daily commodity research reports and Monthly research report – our flagship product giving detailed medium to long-term outlook.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Because of the emotional stress that is inherent in any speculative situation, you must have a predetermined method of operation.

Intraday Trading Tips

Intraday Trading Tips includes a set of rules by which you operate and adhere to, thus protecting you from yourself.

Very often, your emotions will tell you to do something totally foreign or negative to what your market trading plan should be. Intraday Trading Tips.

It is only by adhering to a preconceived formula that you can resist the emotional temptations and stresses that are constantly present in a speculative situation.

Intraday Trading Tips.

The basic failing of most speculators is that they put a limit on their profits and no limit on their losses.

A man hates to admit he’s wrong.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday Trading Tips

Therefore, an individual will often let his loss ride, becoming larger and larger in hopes that eventually the market will turn around and prove him correct.

Then after a while, he begins hoping for a small loss and gives up hoping for a profit.

Intraday Trading Tips.

However, the human nature guides that a person wishes to take his profit away and thus prove himself correct. Intraday Trading Tips.

There is an old saying, “You never go broke taking a small profit.” But you’ll certainly never get rich that way.

Intraday Trading Tips

Being satisfied with small profits is the wrong mental approach to making money in speculation. Intraday Trading Tips.

If you are correct when entering a speculative situation, you will know it almost immediately and will show a profit quickly. Intraday Trading Tips.

However, if you are wrong, you will show a loss and you should remove yourself from the situation quickly.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Taking a small loss does not necessarily mean you were wrong in your thinking.

It simply means that your timing was perhaps incorrect and that you should wait for the correct timing and situation to allow you to reenter the market.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Remember, in any speculative situation, the market is the final judge.

An individual must let the market tell him when he is wrong and when he is right.

If you show a profit, ride it until the market turns around and tells you that you are no longer right, and, at that time, you should get out…but not before!

Intraday Trading Tips.

Intraday  Stock Tips

On the other hand, the market will also tell you if you are wrong and it would be a serious mistake to argue with what it is saying.

Never answer a margin call.

Intraday Trading Tips.

This rule of Intraday Trading Tips acts as a stop loss when your position has weakened considerably.

By dogmatically and arbitrarily adhering to this rule, you will be forced to get out of the market before disaster sets it.

Intraday Trading Tips.

It’s a universal truth that admitting self-mistake is very difficult to get out of the market.

But this is what you should do before receiving the margin call.

Intraday Trading Tips

Moreover, the margin call presence should be the final warning for you.

At this time you should let your position go as far as you conceivably can.

That is unless the initial margin is out of line with the volatility of the contract.

It is difficult to successfully trade and understand a specific market.

Intraday Trading Tips.

However, it’s a fact that it is nearly impossible for an individual trader, especially for a beginner to be successful in all the markets at the same time.

Just follow our Intraday Trading Tips properly, you will get best out of it.

Intraday Trading Tips.

The fundamental, technical, and psychological information necessary to trade successfully in more than a few markets is more than the individual has either the time or ability to accumulate.

If you cannot afford to lose, you cannot afford to win.

Intraday Trading Tips.

As we have stated above, losing is a natural part of trading.

Intraday Trading Stock Tips

If you are not in a position to accept losses, either psychologically or financially, you have no business trading.

You can catch the pulse only during the initial few mins of the trade.

Intraday Trading Tips.

On the contrary, if a trader gets wrong Intraday Trading Tips then also QUIT for the day.

Intraday Trading Tips.

Trust me it’s not your day.

A disciplined approach can help you earn a decent living from Intraday Trading. Intraday Trading Tips.

In addition, it is also our Intraday Trading Tips that trading should be done only with surplus funds that are not vital to daily expenses.

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