Intraday Trading means

intraday trading menas

Intraday Trading means

Trade is a segment for trade settlement where the shares can be trad only for mandatory distribution base.

This means trading for trading business cannot be traded on intraday.

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Every share/purchase that has been bought/sold, the parts of this segment will have to take delivery by paying the full amount.

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Cash Trading

Scripps available in this segment is settling on a business basis and Netting is not close for the day.

For example: – In the normal rolling settlement, anyone can trade the shares (anyone can buy and sell a security on the same day).

Let’s say that you buy 1,000 shares of Suzlon on 25 rupees per share and sell these 1,000 shares on the same day at 30 rupees per day (before the trade closes).

You have received 5 rupees per share (fewer brokerage / other expenditure).

This is the amount received from your broker in the normal rolling settlement system.

But, if the same stock is under the trade-for-trade segment, you will have to pay 25,000 rupees to deliver the purchased shares.

Similarly, the quantity you sell must be submitted for delivery in Demat A / C.

The Trade-for-Trade segment considers each transaction individually. Intraday Trading means 

Cash trading is a method of buying or selling securities by providing the capital need to fund.

Cash trading is achieve using a cash account.

intraday Trading means


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