International Stock Markets

International Stock Markets

International Stock Markets

International investing is a strategy that involves investing in international instruments such as Exchange-Traded Funds.

However, American Depository Receipts, mutual funds, currency exchange rates or even emerging markets and foreign equity markets.

Having the ability to trade internationally opens up a world of investment opportunities.

That may be far more diverse and abundant than those in your local market.

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International Shares Trading

Globalisation has opened up international markets, meaning that it’s now possible to trade on instruments in regions and economies.

That may be outperforming local instruments due to factors like a weakening stock market or national downturn.

Diversify your portfolio and access industry sectors not available on the ASX. International Stock Markets

Investing in infamous global brands such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook etc.

Has never been more convenient.

Moreover, Easily trade on eight international exchanges;

The US, Canada and Singapore are moving forward with further exchanges in the coming months.

Do business online with your existing account on standard or pro stockbroking platforms and on our mobile apps.

To learn more about the changes, new features and benefits read our frequently asked questions.

Also, familiarize yourself with this new product using our helpful standard forum guide. International Stock Markets

The global market segment of the Vienna Stock Exchange* offers to trade in stocks and depository receipts from Europe.

(including Germany, France, Italy, Russia & Spain), the USA and Asia (including China & Japan) through your broker.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Trading and settlement in euro. International Stock Markets
  • Buy and sell during Vienna SE trading hours
  • Attractive terms – no foreign market fees
  • Market makers guarantee attractive prices and liquidity on both sides. International Stock Markets

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