global market news

Global Stock news

global market news

FPIs have been net sellers almost throughout this year except for a couple of months.

However, experts say the swiftness of the exit in October thus far has shaken the market.

Foreign investors have withdrawn Rs 26,600 crore from Indian capital markets on the decline in rupee and crude oil prices in the first two weeks of this month and on US Treasury yields.

Nasdaq 100 rose after a 4.4% decline from Wednesday.

The business was huge with an increase of about 60% from the average for this time in the last 30 days.

Global Market News.

The latest global stock market news to consider Indian markets is an important data point.

The markets around the world are highly interconnected and therefore it is necessary to understand the interrelationships between these markets.

It rarely happens that when all the global markets are performing low, the Indian market is performing well.

Generally, the day starts with Asian and Australian markets and ends with the US and Latin American markets.

To that extent, the global equity market is about 24 hours of a market, until the American market closes, it is time to start trading in Australian markets.

So how does LKP Securities catch these signals?

Whether you are a businessman or investor, there is a useful insight into the global market report.

The Indian market does not work in a silo and its fate is closely related to other markets.

For short-term traders, it considers great importance.

A strong global market gives you confidence and conviction to take a long position in Indian markets.

This is a big step for traders from the global market page.



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