Crude Oil Advisory

Crude Oil Advisory

Crude Oil Advisory.

One of the reputed Crude Oil Advisory firm updating the information in Commodity markets.

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In fact, crude oil moves through perceptions of supply and demand.

Also, it has the effect of worldwide output, as well as global economic prosperity.

However, the tight convergence between positive elements can produce powerful uptrends.

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Crude Oil Advisory

Just like the surge of crude oil to $145.81 per barrel in April 2008, while tight convergence between negative elements can create equally powerful downtrends, like the August 2015 collapse to $37.75 per barrel. Crude Oil Advisory.

Here the price action tends to build narrow trading ranges when crude oil reacts to mixed conditions, with sideways action often persisting for years at a time.

When crude oil trends sharply, retail’s influence rises. Crude Oil Advisory.

Further, attracting capital from small players. Crude Oil Advisory.

These small players come into these markets by front-page headlines and table-pounding talking heads.

Moreover, the subsequent waves of greed and fear can intensify underlying trend momentum.

That is contributing to historic climaxes and collapses that print exceptionally high volume.

Basically, the crude oil trades through two primary markets, Western Intermediate and Brent.

WTI originates in the U.S. Permian Basin and other local sources while Brent comes from more than a dozen fields in the North Atlantic.

These varieties further contain different sulfur content and API gravity, with lower WTI levels commonly called light sweet crude oil.

However, Brent has become a better indicator of worldwide pricing in recent years.

Although WTI in 2017 was more heavily traded in the world futures markets (after two years of Brent volume leadership).

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