Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity trading is fascinating.

Especially it is more when you enjoy long-term gains.

But sometimes trading seems to be a hassle when you don’t find it right.

There would be many people who will advise you on the commodity trading.

But until and unless you know in and out of the trading not advice simply works.

Commodity Trading Tips.


Commodity Trading Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you are the experienced trader or a fresh trader; the commodity trading involves more deep market analysis and research. Commodity Trading Tips.

Have your investment decisions ever made you regret?

Commodity Trading Tips.

We all are aware that selecting an appropriate investment plan to make your money grow is very crucial.

As it requires proper knowledge of the market and various investment options.

Commodity Trading Tips

Each trader forges their own path, usually by absorbing the knowledge of successful traders that came before them.  Commodity Trading Tips.

While no quote or trading tip will make you a successful trader on its own.

Insights from successful traders can tell you where you should be focusing your attention, and what you should be working on. Commodity Trading Tips.

The market in India is continuously varying. Best Digital Marketing Course in Indore.

So, investors require knowledge of the market and trends to stay in control of their financial investments.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

It is possible to make the safe investment if you seek the help of an investment advisor, who can help you and provide right tips regarding your investment. Commodity Trading Tips.

I don’t think you can consistently be a winning trader if you’re banking on being right more than 50 percent of the time.  Commodity Trading Tips.

You have to figure out how to make money being right only 20 to 30 percent of the time. – Bill Lipschutz

Commodity traders often refer to copper as Dr. Copper.

Commodity Trading Tips.

They say the metal has a Ph.D. in economics because its price is a reliable barometer of the overall health of the global economy.

Commodity Trading Tips

In fact, investing in copper is a way to express a bullish view on world GDP.

It is evident that a wider portfolio generates more avenues for investors to earn greater returns.

For traders, commodity trading gives them an opportunity to widen their portfolio.

Generally, most investors start with trading in shares and bonds.

Commodity portfolio helps to diversify into investments in commodities such as gold, silver, oil and more in the futures markets.

Striker Stock Research is one of the best commodity trading tips providers who take care of your investments and trading in Indian stock market and commodity market.

People who have made an entry into the equity market would definitely at one point in time or another bump into commodity trading.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Commodity- it involves buying and selling of the goods that come in the commodity category, like- gold, silver, crude oil etc. in India it is done in MCX, NCDEX & ICEX.

The commodities investment market is different.

Unlike physical trading of commodities, investors do not buy the physical stocks for trading.

Commodity trading utilizes the wisdom of predicting the future performance of the assets based on existing data.

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Commodity Trading Tips

In India, trading takes place in leading commodity exchanges.

Companies with memberships in exchanges such as MCX and NCDEX provide commodity trading services.

A commodity market is a market that trades in the primary economic sector rather than manufactured products.

Our services are offered to and through an exclusive network on a “by invitation only” basis.

We are frugal when it comes to your hard-earned interest and we do not spend your money to impress you with exotic collections and glamour.

Most importantly we support looking after your best interest while keeping your assets where they currently reside. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

If I have positions going against me, I get right out; if they are going for me, I keep them… Risk control is the most important thing in trading.

Do you have a losing position that is making you uncomfortable?

The solution is very simple: get out, because you can always get back in. – Paul Tudor Jones

We respect our client’s objectives when they seek us to guide their existing investment and give them unbiased advice, oversight and verify they are “being served” well.

Commodity Trading Tips

Striker Stock Research offers you the finest investment insights to help you achieve your financial objectives.

Recall that ideally winning trades should be bigger than losses, even if you do win 50% or more of the time.

Most traders are searching for that elusive method where they never lose or can win 8 or 9 trades out of 10, amassing huge profits in a short amount of time with no risk.

As a leading provider of Indian stock market and trading tips, they present a wide range of stock recommendations and commodity trading tips for beginners.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

They are a leading stock advisory company providing intraday tips, short-term delivery and BTST/STBT, including trading tips for equity, F&O segment, NSE, BSE, MCX, and commodity tips.

Soft commodities agricultural products such as wheat, coffee, cocoa, and sugar.

Hard commodities are mined, such as gold and oil
Commodities are split into two types: hard and soft commodities.

Hard commodities are typically natural resources that must be mined or extracted (gold, rubber, oil, etc.), whereas soft commodities are agricultural products or livestock (corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, soybeans, pork, etc.)

Commodity Trading Tips

Or at least, they will surely develop an interest when they see the prices of the equities fluctuate because of the influence of the commodity prices.

But successful trading takes time.

There is also a risk, always, and it needs to be defined and controlled.

As soon you as you cap your risk, you invite the possibility of losing trades (stop loss being reached), but ironically that is more likely to make your profitable since the losses are small and controlled.

Commodity tips for that matter will definitely help in making a foray into that side of trading too.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

MCX tips will give you a good understanding of how you should observe the moving pattern in the commodity market; they will focus on the movement of the price and forecast the direction too.

Trading in commodities has always proved to be the largest fortune yielders across the world.

Our team of market analysts has extensive knowledge and experience of the stock market in India and also, they are the best commodity tips provider as well.

This knowledge and proficiency facilitate them to provide NIFTY tips, share market and commodity trading tips efficiently.

Commodity Trading Tips

Each day market is studied meticulously by the experts to provide the best tips and sound suggestions to the client.

This detailed study helps the clients to build a strategy for profitability.

When creating a trading plan and strategies, analyze them based on worst case scenarios.

Maybe you do tend to win 60% or 70% of the time (not unreasonable), but undoubtedly you will face periods where you only win to 2 to 4 trades out of 10. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

How does your system perform then?

Does it manage to keep your account steady or profitable?

Or does the slower period result in big account losses?

Plan for the worst case, assume you will only win 3 or 4 trades out of 10.

In that way, your strategy is more robust, and during the periods where you do win 6 or 7 trades out of 10, you will be very happy indeed.

Our Commodity service for MCX & NDCEX traders who trade in Commodity Market.

We track the global and commodity market to provide you the Right Commodity Tips at the Right Time and at Right Price.

Commodity Trading Tips

Loss aversion–an unwillingness to cut a loss–is one of the most common trading problems and can deplete an account quickly.

On the flip side, not giving winning trades enough room to run can also be a problem.

If you win less than 50% of the time, winners have to be bigger than losers on average.

Even if you win more often, strive to keep your average loss smaller than your average win.

Make wise use of historical data.

Do not rely on random advice from personal contacts or other traders.

You can go through past records of commodities.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Prepare your entry-exit strategy.

Track the commodities based on their performance.

Study whether your strategy would have worked or not.

Then, based on your learnings, invest in the commodity market.

Purely intraday calls in commodities for Full-time traders and Stock Brokers to trade maximum and to earn maximum.

The Commodity market is one of the best investment areas where an individual with limited capital can make huge profits in a quite short period.

This is because this market is not driven by luck or knowledge, but purely by the forces of demand & supply.

Commodity Trading Tips

“You have to learn how to lose; it is more important than learning how to win”. – Mark Weinstein

Commodities that traded are split into two types: MCX and NCDEX commodities.

MCX Commodities are usually natural resources that must be like Silver, Gold, Nickel, Oil, etc.

Whereas NCDEX commodities are agricultural products like Chana, Jeera wheat, coffee, sugar, soybeans etc.

Commodities Future Trading has a potential of earning huge profits with very Low investment.

But at the same time, if not traded properly, it can lead to big losses too.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Don’t expect more until you are not sure 

Most of the mistakes that the young commodity traders do are start expecting something more and big immediately.

The real fact is today in this volatile market those things really don’t for everyone until and unless you are putting large amounts of money in trading, where profitability is more.

What you should do is to invest in small batches instead of investing in the single time.

This will not only minimize your risk but also help you in thinking twice about your strategy and always keep the space open for new trading opportunities.

Commodity Trading Tips

It came into existence hundreds of years back, even before the coming of stock markets, although the trading was done in a varied manner.

However, this kind of trading involves plenty of time and smart analysis.

Winning is as much about controlling losses as it about wracking up winning trades.

If you make $1000 one trade, but lose it (or more) then next, you’re no better off.

But if you can make $1000, then only lose $700, then make $1100 then lose $500, you are making progress.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Trading is always two steps forward one step back; making sure the steps back don’t erase everything you have done prior is key if you want to succeed.

A lot of traders lose money due to lack of giving enough time, planning and effort to the process.

One big blunder that the majority of the investors tend to make is that they follow the crowd.

Rather than doing that they need to get their basics right…understand the various concepts and ideas related to commodities and the way the trend goes too.

Commodity Trading Tips

Getting the right source of information becomes highly essential if you want to strike gold while trading commodities.

Use a single strategy and give it some time to work.

Follow successful commodity traders who share tips and tricks based on their experience.

Utilize the software given by brokerage firms to analyze the market and make decisions.

Price plays an important role in commodity trading.

Compare the performance of commodities w.r.t. price and other factors and study through advanced software features.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Advantages of Commodity Futures Trading:

  • High leverage: You can take a position in a particular commodity by paying only a fraction of that value as margin. Moreover, the margins in the commodity futures market are lower than equity futures and options.
  • Less manipulation: Governed by international price movements, commodity markets are less prone to rigging or price manipulation.
  • Diversification: Commodity prices are prone to supply-demand dynamics, weather conditions, geopolitical tensions, and natural disasters. Accordingly, commodities are an independent asset class and can prove to be an effective means of diversification in one’s investment portfolio.
Commodity Trading Tips

What makes you a real trader? 

The joy of trading can only be availed once you become a professional trader and look for the bigger margins.

But, the road never seems to be easy as there were many roadblocks ahead. When you began trading, you might have a relatively tight budget and you are never in a position of taking the high risks. Commodity Trading Tips.

The commodity market is super volatile, much more than the equity market.

Therefore, the commodity trading tips and trick that might have worked for you in the equity may not work here. Commodity Trading Tips.

You just need to invest in yourself to get some real and practical tips for commodity trading.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Though, here are some tips that might help you in getting the pulse of the market and help to improve your margins. Commodity Trading Tips.

Therefore you will have to find a reliable source that will provide you with apt commodity tips that will to a great extent give you positive results definitely.

Most stock brokerage firms share exclusive reports and tips for their investors. Commodity Trading Tips.

Receive Insights through research reports by expert fund managers and research analysts.

Commodity Trading Tips

Prepare yourself by working with these market experts.

They understand the mechanics of the market and are well-experienced in technical analysis.

Returns from commodity markets depend on how much you plan to invest in trading.

But knowledge of technical analysis can be of immense value in commodity trading.

Try to keep a smaller number of assets.

It helps to track their market movements and identify trading opportunities.

Some strategies are specific to certain products.

Ensure that you are using the right strategies for the products you choose to invest in.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Investing in MCX commodities can definitely get you good returns provided you have the access to the appropriate and relevant information that has been tested and proved by professional analysts in the field.

People adopt different ways of investing in commodities and the majority of them invest in gold and silver so as to get maximum profits.

This is right and has also been proved as a very reliable strategy (for gold has never witnessed a steep fall in its prices and there has only been a single direction and that too in the green so far as far its prices are concerned).

Commodity Trading Tips

But, if you are a serious trader of commodities, you can also invest in other metals based on the commodity tips you get from your source.

Gain the best out of commodity futures trading.

Hire the services of Striker Stock Research.

They can help you make large investments by pooling money from other investors.

This diversifies each investor’s portfolio.

Also, it minimizes the risk and earns better returns for investors.

Investors need to just pay the small brokerage amount to the trading services company.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Exercising caution, however, should remain your topmost priority when you are putting in your money into equity trading or MCX trading.

It is wise not to have discussions about your open positions with everybody.
This will simply result in confusions and leave you with nothing, given that everyone would voice their own opinions regarding the same – even without enough knowledge.
You should not trade or borrow with funds which are not your own.
Trading in commodities is fraught with risks and making losses in trades can make you land up in debt unnecessarily unless you get professional commodity trading solutions.
Commodity Trading Tips
Use only your own funds for trading, with only the amount that you can spare.
In many cases, you might end up taking trade decisions too early and too quickly.

There have been lives made and marred while trading.

So, take the help of reliable commodity MCX tips in order to make good profits while trading in commodities.

Generally, people think that trading in commodity market India is very easy.

As all you have to do is predict whether the price of the particular commodity will increase or decrease.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Also, people think that when the product is in bulk the prices will be low and when the demand exceeds the production the pricing will decrease.

But, it is not that simple. Commodity Trading Tips.

There are numerous aspects and factors that affect the pricing of the commodity.

As a result, if you are considering to invest in Indian commodities, you should gather some knowledge of how the market works.

Also, know what factors influence the pricing of the commodities and what strategies can help you keep your losses limited and profits maximum.

Commodity Trading Tips

Collecting knowledge about all these things is not impossible but it is difficult and takes time.

As a result, most people prefer to hire use commodity trading tips to start trading instantly and with ensured results. Commodity Trading Tips.

“Whenever I enter a position, I have a predetermined stop [loss]. That is the only way I can sleep. Commodity Trading Tips. I know where I’m getting out before I get in. The position size on a trade is determined by the stop [loss], and the stop is determined on a technical basis… I always place my stop beyond some technical barrier”. – Bruce Kovner

Never use ideas of stock market trading in commodity trading.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Although both trade markets are speculative, there is a major difference between the two.

Usually, there are contrary thumb rules and trading patterns.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Finally, it will be good for you to remember that patience pay off in the end.

Keep in mind that there will be small losses and gains in the beginning, and even a few big setbacks on some days. Commodity Trading Tips.

Do not trade very big at the start hoping for bigger returns. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

You need quite a few months of knowledge of the market to trade with confidence.

Do not put big money in trading and trade with overconfidence.

If you are unsure about how to start off, you can hire any of the brokers that offer professional Commodity Trading Tips.

You should follow the guidance of only one technical advisor or analyst at one time.  Commodity Trading Tips.

The stop-loss order is one of the simplest ways to help control risk.

Under normal market conditions, Commodity Trading Tips will keep your risk limited to a specific amount of capital.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

With the maximum risk known, you can then assess whether the profit potential of the trade is worth the risk (remember, we want winners to be bigger than losers). Commodity Trading Tips.

The more the guidelines you get, the more confusing it will be for you. Commodity Trading Tips.

Only when the previous guidelines become loss-making or less productive, you can look for alternate recommendations or suggestions. Commodity Trading Tips.

Do not get Commodity Trading Tips simultaneously, or you will be in trouble.

Never depend on single advice: 

Commodity Trading Tips.

Most of the people who are new to the commodity trading often seek for Commodity Trading Tips before they trading, and there is nothing wrong with it.

Commodity Trading Tips

But, you must make sure that you are into trading not just because someone has advised you, rather you should have a real interest and zeal in the commodity trading.

You must also first make all your efforts to understand more about the commodity trading and its strategies. Commodity Trading Tips.

Though this is a highly volatile market and no strategy works in the long run, therefore try to figure out your own strategy and if required also take Commodity Trading Tips from some professional people, but never blind faith on any single advice, rather use your own brain. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

Striker Stock Research aims to create awareness amongst the investors on being a better investor and boost the economy by encouraging new investors to invest intelligently. Commodity Trading Tips

Whether you are looking for accurate stock live tips, nifty tips, Commodity Trading Tips, or all share tips, your search ends here.

Striker Stock Research provides highly accurate Commodity Trading Tips for MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.).

Our Commodity Trading Tips based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

Therefore usually lead to huge profits.

So far we have achieved a high accuracy up to 80 to 85%.

Commodity Trading Tips

Our tips have strictly followed stop-loss to protect your capital & comfortable profit targets to make a handsome amount of money for you in the markets. Commodity Trading Tips.

Now you don’t have to worry about Commodity market fluctuations, just follow our MCX Tips to trade and make enormous profits daily.

We give intraday tips in -:

Commodity Trading Tips.

Copper, Gold, Silver, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium, Crude Oil, and Natural Gas.

We give only 1-2 tips a day in each or any of the above-mentioned commodities. Commodity Trading Tips.

Further, we don’t do any gamble, our tips are totally based on the technical and fundamental analysis.

Commodity Trading Tips.


We analyze the script with our highly effective formulas and much accurate Charting software. Commodity Trading Tips.

Also, we watch chart all the time during the market hours and generate calls after we get an opportunity of generating calls.

We don’t provide calls every time or anytime client asks or he wants the call, we give only when we feel that the time is suitable and the circumstances are profitable. Commodity Trading Tips.

Have a trading plan, control risk and focus on creating strategies that will keep you in the profit or steady even if you only win 3 or 4 trades out of 10.

Commodity Trading Tips

Eventually, you may win more than that, but it isn’t wise to try to trade based on best-case-scenarios.

Instead, plan for a worse case and your results will likely be better. Commodity Trading Tips.

The commodity market provides immense opportunities to make huge returns in a short period of time with limited capital.

The reason behind this is that this market is not driven by knowledge or luck, in fact, the commodity market is ruled by the demand to supply ratio.

Commodity Trading Tips.

The extraction and consumption ratio defines the rise or falls in the price of the commodity.

Our team is fully oriented towards customer’s satisfaction.

Good net profit is fetched at the end of the month or quarter.  Commodity Trading Tips.

The research and analytics team at Striker Stock Research has the excellent market knowledge and provides financial policy updates on a regular basis. Commodity Trading Tips.


How much capital required to trade MCX Intraday calls?

Commodity Trading Tips.

You must need at least 50000(50k) capital to do Mini lot and 150000 (1.5Lakh) capital to trade Mega lot all it depends upon brokers exposure he provides to you. Commodity Trading Tips.

How much profit can expect daily?

Commodity Trading Tips.

You can expect daily 4000++++ up to 8000 daily including all 3 trades, in month end you can expect 20% to 30% returns on capital. Commodity Trading Tips.

But anyhow we predict markets on our experience, Profit and Loss are common in Stock market and MCX market. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodity Trading Tips

MCX Commodity Trading Tips Procedure gives a clear procedure for new traders who have the interest to trade on the commodities exchange. Commodity Trading Tips.

Commodities are basic raw materials used for our consumption that individuals or institutions buy and sell. Commodity Trading Tips.

There are four main commodity classifications:

Agriculture commodities (often referred to as soft commodities), energy commodities, metal commodities (referred to as hard commodities), and environmental commodities like such as carbon emissions, renewable energy certificates, etc. Commodity Trading Tips.

The most commonly traded commodities are crude oil, copper, zinc, gold, silver. Commodity Trading Tips


You must be sure that you are taking an informed decision if you are trading in intraday MCX. Commodity Trading Tips.

For this reason, you must subscribe to our intraday MCX services, as our analysts ensure to understand the commodity specifications. Commodity Trading Tips.

They also keep track of Government policy announcements, which have a significant impact on the prices of commodities. Commodity Trading Tips.

Striker Stock Research offers the robust and synchronized MCX commodity intraday tips for their customers to lessen the risks of trading in commodities. Commodity Trading Tips.

The commodities market plays the role of a mediator between buyers and sellers to arrive at a future price of the underlying commodity.

Commodity Trading Tips

The market also facilitates decisions related to storage and consumption of commodities. Commodity Trading Tips.

In the process, such transactions make the market more liquid for both the parties i.e. the buyers and sellers being involved.

Commodity Trading Tips.

Over the years, the development of commodities trading helped investors hedging their risk, take speculative positions and exploit arbitrage opportunities in the market. Commodity Trading Tips.

The commodities market offers enormous potential to become a separate asset class for retail investors, arbitrageurs, and speculators. Commodity Trading Tips.

Trading in commodities is easy to understand as far as the fundamentals of demand and supply are concerned.

Remember, the risk involved is high while trading in the commodities market compares to equities. Commodity Trading Tips.

So, it’s important for retail investors with conservative and medium risk appetite to analyze the risks and advantages carefully before taking a decision to trade. Commodity Trading Tips.

Historically, pricing in commodities futures has been less volatile compared with equity and bonds.

Thus providing an efficient portfolio diversification option to investors. Commodity Trading Tips.

This market trades in a wide range of products.

It includes precious metals (gold and silver), base metals (copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, and zinc), energy (crude oil and natural gas).

Also, includes oilseeds (soybean, soy oil, mustard seeds, palm oil) and soft commodities (sugar, cotton) in an organized manner under a strong regulatory body.

Commodity Trading Tips.

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